Mourn + The Crab Apples @ Sala Bikini, 25/02/2017

Damn I was so hyped for this. It was the first Mourn show in Barcelona in at least a year and a half.

The Crab Apples were incredible. I had seen them live twice before, but in smaller settings, and seeing and hearing the sonic power they bring was incredible. I have never checked them out, but they are great. I talked to the singer (I think she’s called Carla) after the show and she was so cute and happy that we enjoyed it!

Mourn was just mindblowing. We were front row, singing all the songs. It was loud, it was angry, but it was also really happy and satisfying. Both Antonio and Leia (drummer and bassist) had solos at some point and it was just insane. I swear I cried a bit when they played Your Brain Is Made Of Candy. As an encore, they played two new songs, called Strange Ones and Skeleton, and they were ANGRY. It seemed like they were exploring new and more complex directions, they had INSANE guitar arrangements for punk songs. And also, they were really great people! I had already talked to Antonio in Primavera ’15, but we talked to Jazz and Carla in the merch booth and they were REALLY nice, funny and down to earth, which is cool, because you always find some assholes here and there. Anyway, it was really nice to see this amazing band live again after all the bullshit they had to go through and we’ll be there at the next show!

Also, Carla from Mourn was wearing an all-black outfit with red socks, sooooo I have too much respect for her. That’s aesthetics right there.


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