Frank Ocean – Blonde

Heartbreaking. So damn universal. Most risk-taking album in a while. Potential to become a 10/10, no doubt. 9/10.

UPDATE: Yep. 10/10.


2 thoughts on “Frank Ocean – Blonde

  1. A trap base with a caotic circle of 3 voices, one treble, one bass and an autotune/vocoder with some arpeggiators made me cry because i don’t have the money to buy some software and good hardware stuff to marihuana/lsd produce in a room full of bitches like this guy. Pitchfork is wrong, but you can edit this potentially 10 and put a “potentially 0, but it’s funny chill/joint/’I’mhigh af idk whats going on’ music and he’s a kanye’s fan sooo 9/10”.
    I said.
    Also all songs sound the same song with different added sounds and a different 4K synth (provably a gold keybord that looks the same as the other keybord but that was not gold).
    Sorry about my shitty english, i skipped english class to go on a date with a now-she’s-lesbian girl.


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